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Our advantage is quality and reliability. For accounting handling we offer highly qualified professionals with experience in various fields of activity. One should realize that after entrusting bookkeeping to professionals, every more complex matter is solved by a group of experts, and the charge for the service is less than in-house accountant costs. Accounting services providing company not only ensures protection of business secrets, but also assumes the risk of possible damages. Our rates are competitive, but not higher than the salary of hired accountant with a much lower responsibility. Our aim is not only to provide professional accounting services, but also to become trusted business advisors for our customers.

You save: personal income, social security and guarantee fund charges, the cost of workplace organization (premises, furniture, computer, accounting application, seminars, stationery and so on). You do not have to take care of: accountant’s holidays, incentives, professional development, training, and other necessary work-ensuring elements. You do not need to order full accounting management (we assess what part of the company’s accounting is worth doing with us, and what should be left to the company’s accountant)